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Follow the Data: 9 Strategies to Making 3rd Party Risk Less Opaque

On-demand session


Giving someone else access to your data without evaluating their risk is a very scary proposition and companies today are leaving themselves vulnerable without even knowing it! Watch this on demand session as Michael Rasmussen of GRC2020 and Aaron Kraus, Director of GRC Evangelism & Security at Reciprocity, discuss the importance of having a 3rd party risk plan that your entire company can get around. You will leave this webinar having learned:

  • 5 process focused strategies for capturing 3rd party risk data

  • 4 tools focused approaches to transforming data into decisions

  • A real world example of a company who implemented 3rd party risk and what they would’ve done better if they had to do it again

This session will be especially helpful for Chief Risk Officers, Directors of Security, 3rd Party Risk Managers, Vendor Risk Managers or any risk stewards that you have in your company.