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5 Compliance Projects Gone Terribly Wrong

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If you work in compliance, then there's no doubt that you have at least 1 story of a project that has gone horribly wrong. If these nightmare scenarios didn't give you many sleepless nights, then it definitely created lots of stress for you and your team. You probably told your story to your peers and colleagues seeking some catharsis. With limited budgets and resources dedicated to GRC, the margin for error is slim; this webinar can help you reduce the risk associated with new or existing compliance programs.

Watch a roundtable conversation Matt Kelly, Founder of the popular blog Radical Compliance, and 3 of Reciprocity's GRC experts about who's got the best and worst story to tell about projects that have given them heartburn and headaches. Not only will you be able to ask our experts about what they've learned from the projects that didn't work out as expected, but you will also have the opportunity to ask our GRC experts for recommendations for when you find yourself in a project that's turning sideways.

This is a can't miss session for anyone managing a growing compliance practice. Register now and feel free to share with colleagues and friends.