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How GRC planning protects your company's brand against the next cyberattack

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We only need to look at Equifax, Sony, and other notable corporate crises to understand the challenge of managing risk across the enterprise and comply with various industry regulations. Organizations face threats in all aspects of their business, and ad hoc management of those crises leaves them more vulnerable to impacts to their revenue and their reputations.

Join Reciprocity and ZecurityAscent for this must-attend webinar as we discuss how you can build a strong GRC program that proactively protects your brand from a breach.

Attend this webinar to learn:
- What the boardroom and other shareholders really want from all your GRC efforts.
- Which business units in your organization play a critical role in building a cohesive plan.
- How a cohesive GRC plan can drive your marketing and sales strategies.
- What key steps to take in implementing a cohesive plan.
- When the value of GRC tools is maximized.