Sophisticated, but not complicated.

Many companies delay implementing a GRC solution, fearing it to be too time-consuming or challenging—but it doesn't have to be! ZenGRC delivers fast time to value with pre-built registers and templates, flexible customization and an elite support team.

Discover the full power of ZenGRC!

Key Product benefits

When moving away from managing GRC with spreadsheets, you're looking for a unified platform that includes automation and integrations with your business applications. ZenGRC provides all that and more, increasing your infosec program maturity and delivering measurable ROI.


Minimized Manual Effort

Automation, integrations, and a unified platform reduce complexity and increase scalability.

Shortened, Simplified Audit Cycles

Ease the audit burden with reduced manual effort and simplified workflows.

Built-in Risk Management

Gain clarity and control of your risk posture with a holistic view and continuous monitoring.

Direct Integrations with Critical Third-party Apps

Our library of prebuilt connectors links ZenGRC to your critical business apps.

Increased Visibility and Reporting

Real-time access to your infosec posture enables better decision making—faster.