Realizing Business Value From Your Organization's GRC

Michael Knighten

VP of Product for Reciprocity

Scott McCormick

InfoSec & GRC Expert for Reciprocity

Robert Martin, CISSP


Protecting your organization's network of applications, vendors, stakeholders, and customers has never been more demanding. New technologies, regulatory requirements, and cyberthreats are emerging so quickly it's almost impossible to keep pace. Finding, exporting, and aggregating information you need to prepare for audits and reporting is tedious. Spreadsheets and data silos create inefficiencies and are even more complicated to manage.

With growing technology stacks within your organization, you need better visibility across third-party apps and vendors, but you lack an integrated view of your data and activities.

In this on-demand webinar, our InfoSec experts share how an integrated GRC solution helps security leaders adapt to regulatory changes, face new problems, improve reporting and visibility, and increase efficiencies and cost savings.

Duration: 27 min